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Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press

Founded in 1979, Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press (SFLEP hereafter) is a national top-tier publishing house based at Shanghai International Studies University under the auspices of the Ministry of Education. It is one of China's Top 100 Publishers and one of the nation's largest, most authoritative and world-renowned powerhouses, dedicated to the publication of foreign language textbooks, monographs, dictionaries, references, readers, as well as scholarly journals in both print and digital media. 

Among the accolades SFLEP has garnered are the Premier Publisher Award, the National Outstanding University Press Award, the Government of China Outstanding Publishing House Award, and the Shanghai Best Enterprise Award. In the annual evaluation conducted by the Shanghai Bureau of Press and Publication, SFLEP has consistently been top-ranked both for its excellence of publication quality and its role in the promotion of social well-being in Shanghai, to name just a few. On top of that, SFLEP boasts the distinctive honor of being listed among Shanghai's Best Name Brands. 

Among others, the following facts and figures have spoken volumes about SFLEP'S accomplishments since the press made its debut a few decades ago: 

·  More than 9,000 titles in over 40 languages have been published in print and digital media, with a total print run of 900,000,000 copies and approximately 1,000 publications receiving provincial and state-level awards. All in all, over 70% of its well-received publications have been reprinted. 

·  It has been the recipient of a host of awards over a span of the preceding ten years, including the National Best Book Award and National Best Internet Publication Award issued by the Government of China, etc. 

·  One-hundred and seventy-six titles from eight of SFLEP's publishing projects are designated as the Twelfth Five-Year(2011-2015) Plan National Higher Education Textbooks the best among all university presses in China; and four publishing projects are designated as the Thirteenth Five-Year (2016-2020) Plan for National Priority Publications in Print, Audio-Video, and Digital Media. 

·  Foreign Language World, a scholarly journal of international renown published by SFLEP, has been listed among the most influential journals in the academic arena of China for recent consecutive years. 

·  Along with the establishment of SFLEP Academic Publication Center, SFLEP has been acknowledged as the most prestigious publisher in the field of the nation both in terms of quality and quantity. 

·  Scores of projects in the making have been listed as being of strategic importance, which covers a wide spectrum of publications, ranging from the elementary to the advanced levels. 

SFLEP keeps pace closely with the trend of the global development. It is well poised to embrace both challenges and opportunities in the years to come. With its momentum of development continuously gaining steam, it is embarking on a path of innovation and reform in a bid to expand as a professional and influential enterprise in foreign language education publication.

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